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    Jalan Tunggak Bingin, no 15A ,Sanur, Denpasar, Bali.
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Upcoming Events

Voice of Bali goes to Busan Choral Festival & Competition 2017


1494823337175This year, 2017 for the second time Voice of Bali would like to join an International Choir Competition abroad. In early September 2017, Voice of Bali will join the international choir competition in Busan, South Korea. The competition which is named Busan Choral Festival and Competition has been held for many times since 2005, and for this year, this competition is for the 13th time.
In the competition, Voice of Bali will join 2 chategories ; Ethnic and Pop & Gospel. Other than having a mission to introduce Indonesian culture to the world by singing in choir, through this competition we also hope that Voice of Bali can make a new better achievement than the previous competition. Through this competition, we also hope that Voice of Bali can get feedback from experienced international judges to be an evaluation material for us in our next competition or any VOB's activities.
Until now, we have prepared so many things to join the competition. Our practice schedule is getting dense because September is getting closer. Other than practice, the singers also have to pay fee and every singer has to find donation up to Rp.4.000.000 by any donators to cover up our lack of funds. Our activities besides practice are looking for funds like selling food bazaar, doing sunday service in churches, singing for a family events till state events, singing from cafe to cafe in Badung and Denpasar. All of that activities we do to cover up our big funds.
Voice of Bali always have big dreams, and we will never give up for our big dreams. And it is also a pride for us to make our dreams come true, and make Indonesia proud.
From Bali with Love...




VOB Goes to 1st LICC 2016!


nullWith the mission to present Bali through singing and therefore sharing joy, Voice of Bali choir, whose members are mostly young Balinese and non-Balinese people residing in Bali, is going to participate in the 1st Lanna International Choir Competition 2016, held and organized by Interkultur in Chiang Mai Thailand next October.
In the aim of exchanging and sharing singing techniques with other participating choirs, an international competition, thusly, means an artistic evaluation on our musical achievement given by some renowned judges in the choir world.
On the other hand, we need to do a raising fund to get our way there. So, if you would like to do us a favor, we would be deeply thankful, since any help will make us advance one better step toward our dream, making our work closer to reality.



Regular Sunday Service

IMG 7585As singing is one of so many ways to praise the God, VOB does believe that by singing with all the feelings we have, we can touch everybody's heart to be thankful of everything they have. We do a sunday service as required by churches all around Bali, and We take that as a blessing. Since We will compete in 1st LICC 2016, We need to do a fundraising activity in order to accommodate all of our needs. We will be fully thankful if we can possibly do a sunday service in a church along with do a fundraising activities there by selling something (breakfast, lunch,
handicraft, DVD, etc).


Address :

Jalan Tunggak Bingin, no 15A ,Sanur, Denpasar, Bali.

Contact Person:

Daru : +6282145299210

Gung Angga : +6282146556265